Let Us Help: Disability Insurance Claims

Disability Insurance Claims And CPP Lawyers

If the injuries you have suffered have left you unable to work, you should be able to obtain disability benefits to help replace your lost income by filing a claim with your disability insurance provider. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always efficiently approve claims. In fact, many claims will be denied even when the proper criteria have been met.

At Hillier & Hillier Personal Injury Lawyers, we take on the disability insurance companies on behalf of our clients in Brampton and surrounding areas of Ontario. We are willing to take these cases to trial in order to hold insurance companies accountable for their obligations, and they know it. This allows us to negotiate from a position of strength as we seek the full benefits our clients are entitled to.

Who Is Eligible For Disability Insurance Benefits?

If you hold a disability insurance policy, you are eligible to receive benefits any time a serious illness or injury prevents you from working. It does not matter how the accident occurred or who was at fault; if you are unable to work, you are eligible to collect. Unfortunately, insurance policies that should provide people with peace of mind can lead to frustrating disputes when insurance companies fail to uphold their responsibilities during a time of need.

Let Us Help You

If your disability insurance claim has been denied or unreasonably delayed, we can help you get the benefits you are entitled to. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.