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Where do most slip-and-fall accidents occur?

Slips, trips and falls result from countless factors that can include structural problems as well as environmental challenges. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor fall can result in serious injuries. From broken bones and torn ligaments to muscle strains and head trauma, slip-and-fall accidents could lead to injuries that might take months or even years to fully heal.

Anyone can fall in any type of situation; however, certain situations might lead to more serious injuries, including:

  • Torn carpeting
  • Cracked tiles
  • Broken handrails
  • Icy surfaces
  • Uneven staircases
  • Puddled liquid
  • Loose railings
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate warning signs

While these factors can contribute to a serious injury nearly anywhere, they often come into play in common areas, including:

  • Parking lots: Parking lots are home to cracked pavement, potholes, and fluid leaks from parked vehicles. Any of these elements can result in a slip, trip or fall. Additionally, people might struggle to walk from their vehicle into the safety of a sheltered location when the weather turns bad. From snow drifts to packed ice, a parking lot can represent a dangerous area.
  • Parking garages: Similarly, a multi-level parking structure can also lead to numerous falls. While many of the same dangers exist – pooled liquids, cracked flooring, etc. – visitors can also trip down uneven stairs or slip due to inadequate lighting.
  • Residential common areas: Property managers and maintenance workers have a duty to keep residents and visitors safe in these areas. Whether it is an apartment complex or condominium high-rise, people risk injury due to slip and fall accidents. Factors such as torn carpeting, loose railings, broken tiles or uneven stairs can all result in serious falls and severe injuries.
  • Retail locations: Outside the obvious hazards in parking lots and parking structures, retail locations can present a dangerous environment for shoppers. From spills in the produce department of a grocery store to product stacked along the aisles of a department store, customers can slip, trip and fall.

Whether you are a visitor, customer, or resident, property owners have a duty to ensure your safety while on the premises. From tripping over product to slipping in a puddle of pooled liquid, serious injuries can and do often occur.