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Updated: Jun 2

Individuals who have sustained significant injuries from the negligent acts of another are unlikely to be able to pay for legal fees up front and on an ongoing basis.

For this reason, Hillier & Hillier offers a contingency fee arrangement to all clients. Under this arrangement, clients will not pay any legal fees to Hillier & Hillier until they successfully recover compensation either through a settlement or after a trial. For all tort cases (lawsuits), Hillier & Hillier charges a maximum legal fee of 30% plus HST of any recovery through a settlement or court-ordered award after the deduction of disbursements are made.

Hillier & Hillier will also cover the costs of all disbursements in all tort cases (with the exception of most medical malpractice cases). Disbursements are necessary costs to commence and advance a lawsuit and include but are not limited to the following types of costs: costs to file a Statement of Claim; costs to file other court documents; process server costs; costs to order medical records and other productions/documents that are necessary to advance your case; costs to retain and obtain reports from experts (such as medical specialists, accountants, engineers) that are necessary to advance your case; and costs to pay for the attendance of experts at trial. Typically, all reasonable disbursements are recoverable in a tort case.

For settlements of Accident Benefits claims, Hillier & Hillier charges a competitive maximum fee of 20% plus HST for legal fees. Clients will be responsible for paying for their own treatment and rehabilitation that is not covered by their Accident Benefits insurer as well as for the cost of reports that is not covered by their Accident Benefits insurer. Prior to any costs for treatment, rehabilitation, or reports being incurred, the Accident Benefits insurer will advise in advance whether they will agree to fund such costs.

For Medical Malpractice files, clients will usually be required to fund the costs of expert reports and disbursements unless Hillier & Hillier agrees otherwise, and our written retainer agreement with you will reflect who will be responsible for funding the cost of expert reports.

Prior to settling your case, you will be advised of the amount you will receive net legal fees plus HST and disbursements. We will not settle your case until you know the net amount that you will receive from the settlement and provide us with clear instructions to settle your case.

If you have been injured by the negligence of another party or have questions about commencing a lawsuit, a claim for accident benefits, or our retainer agreement, then contact Hillier & Hillier Law Firm at 905 453 8636 to schedule a free consultation. We provide exceptional legal services coupled with complete transparency and honesty at every step of your claim.

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