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Happy Customers


Alia Allaway

Hands down Mr. Wiley is the best lawyer I've ever had. I've had many litigations come my way and I have experience with many lawyers. I've never been met with such superb service, timely responses and attention to detail. Very grateful to have been referred to him. Even the admin staff and legal assistants are phenomenal.

Angela K

Eddie helped us with a slip and fall case. He paid attention to detail and gave us the assurance that we had a case. We thought it would take five years to settle, but it took two years. We are very happy with the outcome. Thank you!

Ann McLean

Sharing our heartfelt thanks to Ava and her team for navigating a very challenging case for our family. Her experience is well known and is evident and her compassion to assist us during litigation process was amazing. We are very grateful for her/ teams dedicated work despite the barriers imposed by the COVID pandemic. Forever grateful to this professional legal team.

Antonietta Stisi

Ava Hillier, Eddie Wiley and staff have provided me with exceptional service, words cannot express how grateful I am! The moment Ava and Eddie took on my case, I knew I was with lawyers that are skilled, knowledgeable, ethical, supportive and understanding! Ava and Eddie are compassionate and attentive, consistently updating me along the way and worked very hard on my case which was very complicated. If you want action, knowledgeable, skilled, ethical lawyers with many years of experience and with results you deserve, don't waste your time with any other firm!! With no hesitation HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hillier and Hillier Law Firm! 5/5

Carmen Inglis

Incredible service! Respectful, compassionate, very supportive, reassuring team helping retain dignity and restore quality of life with your circumstances throughout whole process. Always responds in timely manner- none of my concerns go unanswered or treated as insignificant. Affordable non stressful and reasonable rates. Could ask for a better team to advocate for you. Will always be my first and only choice where possible.❤👍

Chris Thompson

This review is about Eddie J Wiley from Hillier & Hillier WOW is the best way to describe him in just one word. He provided exceptional service, in a very timely manner, and attended to things as if our case was the only case he had on his plate. He is an absolute "Dog on a Bone" in pursuit of the desired outcome, and he absolutely does not rest or give up, even though we as clients had come to accept that all was lost, Eddie kept going, even though he was no longer contractually obligated to do so. Needless to say our outcome was most successful, and all done at a most reasonable cost. He does not play all the usual billing games that other law firms do. He took our case at a fixed cost and he DELIVERED :) During the course of my lifetime I have spent $hundreds of $Thousands of $ on lawyers, none of which were able to get me the same type of outcome as Eddie did. I live in BC but I would not hesitate to retain Eddie again, if ever the need arises, even though he is all the way over in Ontario. THANK YOU EDDIE

Corrine V

I would highly recommend Hillier & Hillier. The support and representation I received from both Ava Hillier and Eddie Wiley was amazing. As well as the rest of the amazing team at Hillier & Hillier. They are amazing at what they do. The are passionate, professional and very persistent. Thanks to their amazing work my case was settled for a very fair amount. You could not ask for better representation.

Monique Fenton

Ava Hillier and her team provided exceptional service. Ava knew right away how serious my injuries were and ensured that I received a fair settlement. Her team always provided me with frequent updates and always kept me in the loop of things. Great firm and I highly recommend.

Petro Lopata

The most wonderful staff at Hillier and Hillier provided successful, professional and courteous assistance with so many complex documents and matters. Ava was aggressive, persistent and ultimately victorious in her pursuit of justice from the insurance company. Ava and her office were consistently kind, caring and understanding and they are an amazing team of legal eagles. Hillier and Hillier helps the community and has a proven record of standing up to and facing down large corporations, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable.

Pradip S

Had a wonderful experience with the team hear, especially Eddie Wiley. Was originally working with another member of the team that had left around Covid. With all that had happened with Covid had kind of given up any hope on my case. Eddie contacted me, and every so often reminded me they are working hard, and just waiting it out for the process. Finally a few month's back I got the amazing news from Eddie that the cheque is in the mail. They got me a lot more then any of us expected, and I am so grateful for that. There dedication, there follow up, there process professional every step of the way. I still owe Eddie a bottle though, which I will not forget.

Ruzya Karpinec

Hillier & Hillier are incredible and so are their staff! Ava Hillier and Eddie Wiley were amazing at getting me a very decent settlement regarding the car accident that I was involved in 8 years ago. Ava took the time to explain to me in detail as to what I was going to go through regarding obtaining a decent settlement and the insurance company that her law firm was going to be dealing with. Eddie Wiley, was extremely patient answering all of my inane questions. Sometimes I asked him the same question twice to reassure myself that I had not misunderstood something that he had explained to me. Again, he was extremely patient with me. What a Saint! It was his negotiating skills and expertise that got me the lovely settlement that I received. Their Receptionist/Legal Assistant Emily Scott always got back to me quickly with any inquiries that I had, therefore making me feel that the car accident that I was in was equally important. The Hillier and Hillier team have integrity, are very respectful and have many years of experience and expertise. I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know. Their success rate is very high so it is well worth the drive to Brampton.

Sc Kc

Ava is, without a doubt, the best personal injury lawyer in Ontario. She helped us with a very difficult case involving many different parties, and we found her to be smart, tenacious and unwavering in her representation. More importantly, she wasn’t afraid to take the matter to court.

The team of lawyers and staff that Ava has assembled are incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, truthful and caring. They treat their clients with respect and dignity.

We have no hesitation in recommending Hillier & Hillier to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

Tony Stisi

Unfortunately, I was involved in a MVA. I required Ava Hillier's legal expertise and representation. Ava has always exceeded my expectations with her professionalism, skills and experience as a litigator in and out of court. I was fortunate to have Ava and her staff on my team. They all took their time to explain the process in detail, and made me feel always at ease. Ava represented my father as well on a separate MVA and she provided him with the same exceptional service. If you want lawyers that fight for your rights and get what you deserve this is the law firm you need to represent you! I would highly recommend Hillier and Hillier Law Firm without hesitation! 5/5

Vineeta Raman

Eddy Wiley and Team at Hillier & Hillier are an excellent partner and guide who led us through our parent's personal injury case. Extremely responsive, honest, realistic and compassionate. They kept things simple for us to understand, collaborate and make a sound decision. We are educated, very pleased with the outcome and we absolutely recommend them to others.

– March 2015
– A.C., Brampton

I had the pleasure of dealing with Ava and Eddie on my Accident Benefits claim at Hillier & Hillier and they were very kind and professional at all times. They always kept me in the loop about what was going on with my claim so I didn’t have to wonder. If I ever have another car accident and need to hire a lawyer, I would definitely consult with Hillier & Hillier again! Thank you again for all of your help!

– July 2013
– A.F., Brampton by way of Ghana,

I was injured in 2009. Hillier & Hillier’s Accident Benefits department were wonderful and did an excellent job. They always kept me up to date, they never took a fee from my regular benefits and they got me a great lump-sum settlement, for which their fee was reasonable. I would highly recommend them.

– A.K., Mississauga

I just wanted to take this opportunity to send you off a quick note to thank you on behalf on my family and myself for all the superb work you did on our behalf.

Our motor vehicle accident was a difficult and complex case that took several years to resolve. Your staff and yourself worked endless hours on our behalf. Your support both legally and moreover emotionally was ever so much appreciated.

We were always made to feel that our case was of the utmost priority, not just a folder on a desk. There were times over the years when both my family and I questioned if this matter would ever be resolved to a satisfactory manner. With your continued commitment and support we weathered the continuing blockades thrown before us by the insurance companies. Their stall tactics and continued attacks upon our character and position were unrelenting. But with your professional handling of the matter their attacks were washed away and the truth prevailed.

When it finally came time to negotiate with the insurance companies your skill and savvy as seasoned litigator showed themselves fully.

We without a shadow of a doubt selected the correct legal firm to represent our needs and requirements. I would without any hesitation whatsoever recommend your services and your firm to others who are presented with similar litigation challenges.

Once again thanks ever so much for everything you have accomplished on our behalf.

We are now able to move forward and put this painful chapter in our lives behind us. We received both vindication and justification for our position thanks to you Ava. The attempts of the insurance companies to mitigate the extent of our claims were shown for what they were. A petty attempt to avoid the legal responsibility they were bound to fulfil to us.

– August 2014
– A.P.

I just wanted to thank all of you at Hillier & Hillier for everything you have done helping me with my Accident Benefits claim. You guys are all great and it is very much appreciated from myself and my whole family here in Hamilton.

After receiving the funds this week from my Accident Benefits settlement, I woke up today a lot less stressed than I have been in a very, very long time.
Ava Hillier, you are one amazing lawyer and you have a wonderful and very helpful assistant.

Ava thank you for helping me out with what I took home with this claim. After seeing what your team did with my Accident Benefits claim I am looking forward to what happens with my tort claim.

Thank you again everyone!

– Cindy G, Mississauga

I sustained a previous whiplash back in the 1980’s and a family member who is a police officer suggested I go to Hillier & Hillier’s office. I did, and I was so thankful. Not only was she able to secure me my financial rights, but, she was able to have the Accident Benefits pay for my rehabilitation.

25 years later, once again I was unfortunate to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. My injuries this time were more extensive. And I was told that I would not be allowed to practice in my field of expertise ever again. I was horrified. The accident insurance company wanted to write me off for a token of their concern for around $2,500 dollars. It was obvious that I needed the help of a lawyer. With Ava’s biography, years of experience, coupled with the up-to-date knowledge of the frequent changes in the insurance companies practice and policies, I knew who to call; Once again, thankfully I did. Ava first spoke to me about how the laws are continuously changing and how the insurance companies are paid to have claims paid out for as little as possible which I now know it to be called, Loss Economic Opportunity. Ava also ensured that I would be financially stable for the rest of my life by ensuring my pensions, company plans and others were set up and utilized to its fullest. I would also like to recognize the helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable staff that works for her. Ava’s office truly confirms to me that they are leaders in the practice of personal injury law.

– March 2015

– H Family, Magnetawan ON

It was roughly 5 years ago that my husband had an ATV accident. He ended up having a very bad head injury. My husband was in a coma for a month and the doctors didn’t think that he was going to live. When he woke a month later, he was not the same person. Initially we did not know what to do. Thankfully one of the girls at Muskoka/Simcoe Brain Injury Services told us that we definitely needed to see a lawyer and recommended Ava Hillier. We may have been over a year late in contacting Ava but within days of contacting her she drove all the way up from Toronto to see us.

The last five years have been a roller coaster ride. We could not have survived the roller coaster but for Ava, her wonderful lawyers and their supporting team at Hillier & Hillier. They gave my family the hope and strength to keep moving forward. We never expected anything near the amount that Ava and her team got for us and are hugely grateful to them for all their effort.

There needs to be more lawyers like Ava. After 5 years together, it feels like you guys have become family!!!

– J.K., Toronto

Dear Ava, thank you so much for looking after my affairs concerning the accident over the last 4+ years. I have been taken care of with understanding, compassion and a good dose of sisterly tough love, for which I will be forever grateful. All the staff and your two new young associates. Ava Hillier is top drawer and her office staff is phenomenal. You certainly earn your fees. A sincere thank you for all.

– November 2013
– L.P.

In May of 2012, I thought the unthinkable had happened. I was stopped for a school bus with its lights flashing, when an irresponsible driver drove into the rear of my 2012 Honda Civic. My first feeling was one of anger. My second was what’s going to happen to me and my family now? Hillier & Hillier was recommended to me by an old friend. From the beginning I was treated with warmth and respect by Ava Hillier. They let me know my rights, and went to work right away towards getting me income replacement. She was friendly and informative. Lastly but not least, I feel so humble and thankful that Ava Hillier took my case and helped me in my hour of need.

– August 2014
– LFS, Orangeville, Ontario

We love Ava Hillier and all her staff. You could not find more caring and hardworking people anywhere.

She is brilliant, straightforward, honest, kind and passionate about her work and her clients. She is highly respected among her colleagues and is known as a tough adversary.

Ava has guided my family through a lengthy ordeal that required a tremendous amount of attention to detail over the many years. All aspects of the case were clearly explained, leaving no questions unanswered.

Thank you is such a small word to explain the depth of our gratitude we feel.

Thanks to Ava our son has a second chance at a great life as Ava has secured his future for him. We are forever grateful.

– LS, Brampton

I was in an accident five years ago and I sustained an injury to my left leg. Everything from my knee down was broken including my ankle, tibia, two breaks in my shin, muscle tears, and a lot of tendon injuries. One of the paramedics who transported me to the Hospital spoke with my wife and suggested that we use Hillier & Hillier. He said that she (Hillier & Hillier) does not take no for an answer, really knows her stuff, and is always looking out for her clients. While in hospital I was visited by three other lawyers but I did not like what they were saying or they did not seem to be looking out for my best interest. After just 30 seconds of talking to Ms. Ava Hillier I knew she was the right lawyer to handle my case.

Ms. Ava Hillier informed me that I can get money for home care, loss of work, attendant care, and rehabilitation. I also had problems with my insurance company not paying me attendant care and Ava took it up in her hands. Two days later I was paid in full. Thank God I choose Ava’s firm.

Ms. Hillier is respectful and a professional. She would stick her neck out for all her clients and go that extra mile to get the respect, benefits, and settlement you deserve. I am Very happy I had Ms. Ava Hillier on my side and I am so happy with the outcome of my case. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an accident lawyer. She really performed her job well and I’m very impressed.

She is never afraid to take any Case to Trial. Thank you, Ms. Hillier.


– P.R

Ava worked on the tort and Accident Benefits file for my sister and mother. I know that the case was difficult and that we were not always easy clients at times, however meeting you has had a profound influence on my life. A couple years ago, I decided to apply for law school and eventually become a lawyer. One of the main reasons was the way you handled my family’s case. You and your firm always had their best interest in mind. You were professional, hard-working, and most importantly, compassionate. I actually used the theme of being a compassionate lawyer in my personal essays for my law school applications. I wrote the LSAT last year, submitted my applications, and chose to attend a law school in Ontario. I started classes a couple weeks ago; I’m excited to see where law school will take me for the next three years and beyond. Thank you for being such a positive influence for me and many others. Keep up the amazing work.

– Ray and Linda, Georgetown

Ray and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you did for us during the past 7 years. We feel that we are very fortunate to have had you represent us — you are a great lawyer!

– 2018

– T.S.J

Ava and Rose were not afraid to go to trial when the insurance company offered me a poor settlement this year. They worked tirelessly at trial for two weeks and the jury awarded me four times the amount of the insurance company’s offer and twice the amount that I had offered to settle. I could not believe the result. I will be forever grateful to them for their good instincts, hard work and dedication

– The R.M.R. Family, Mississauga

Ava and staff, A big Thank You for your diligent and persistent work on behalf of our mother after her accident, four years ago. Thanks to you Mom is receiving the care she requires to ensure she has the best quality of life possible. The utmost respect and care you showed for her well-being during this whole process was unprecedented. As her dementia increased over the years, you always put her mental well-being in the fore front, and that meant so much to us, as Mom could not speak for herself. Our family is eternally grateful to you and your efficient staff. Mom may not remember the accident nor the past 4 years but she is aware that she does not have to worry anymore.

We again thank you for making the balance of her life with us the best it can be, and how this has reduced our stress tremendously.

– June 2013
– W.O. and family, Northern Ontario

I was at fault for my accident and I only had my State Farm Accident Benefits’ claim and an LTD benefit to rely on in order to continue supporting my wife and three young girls after my 2009 accident. Ava Hillier and the staff were a pleasure to work with and everyone involved should be very proud of what was accomplished. They surprised us with what they had hoped to get us, then did so again with what they did get us! On top of it all, after negotiating a settlement, they charged less than what they had said they would. We might not live anywhere near Brampton, but we are sure glad we found them. Life has definitely changed for the better.

– March 2015
– Y.B., Burlington

After a long and arduous journey and a very complex case, Ava Hillier and her incredible staff got the results that were long awaited for. Ms. Hillier and her team work with such tenacity and diligence, leaving no stone unturned. I cannot thank Ava and her staff enough for their utter dedication and belief in what they do and for what they accomplished. Ava and her staff battle the most difficult of cases…and get results! Thank you again to all at Hillier & Hillier, with the settlement I am now able to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward, stress free!

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