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Ryan Jeffries

Ryan is a licenced paralegal practicing exclusively in the area of Accident Benefits for injured Plaintiffs, and is involved in other insurance litigation matters at this firm.

Ryan has appeared before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Licence Appeal Tribunal and the Small Claims Court, representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in Accident Benefits, Motor Vehicle Accident and Occupiers Liability Act cases.

Ryan began working in the Accident Benefits industry when he was just 16 years old as a co-op student in high school. He obtained summer positions with a paralegal firm where he worked until he graduated in 2010. Upon graduating from the Paralegal program, Ryan worked at a prominent Toronto insurance defence firm where he gained invaluable experience learning how the defence bar operates, (which he has since turned to the benefit of injured Plaintiffs). He assisted senior counsel with jury trial preparation and management, in addition to representing clients before the Small Claims Court in a variety of matters including Occupiers Liability and motor vehicle accident litigation. He has drafted appeal materials for the Ontario Court of Appeal, and threshold factums as well as submissions for post verdict motions.