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Distracted driving: Penalties and consequences

Distracted driving is a problem that does not seem to go away. With every new cell phone technological advance, there are more reasons for drivers to feel compelled to attempt to multitask while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, distracted driving can lead to serious vehicle collisions and catastrophic injuries.

4 myths about pedestrian collisions

In any type of collision, bicyclists and pedestrians tend to suffer the most catastrophic injuries. From head injuries to spinal cord damage to torn ligaments, pedestrians can see their whole lives changed in an instant. Even with constant warnings and safety encouragement, pedestrian collisions still produce serious – even fatal – accidents throughout Toronto each year. 

What are common symptoms of a concussion?

Whether it is a motor vehicle collision, a construction accident or a workplace injury, a concussion can leave an individual struggling to cope while returning to a pre-accident state of health. Numerous factors can impact the severity of the injury and the symptoms. For this reason, medical professionals agree that no two concussions are the same. The more severe the brain injury is, the more debilitating the symptoms an individual might face. From memory loss to perceptive challenges, brain damage can completely alter one’s life.

5 things motorcycle riders must remember

For the last several decades, motorcyclists have built a culture based on speed, agility and excitement. Unfortunately, riders must also endure higher risks, fewer safety measures and a greater chance of catastrophic injuries in a collision with larger vehicles on Ontario’s roads. Here are five tips that riders should keep in mind to lessen their chances of serious accidents.

Poll: 26 percent of Canadians check messages while driving

Even when they fully understand the value of remaining focused on the road, drivers still allow themselves to be distracted by numerous things in their environment. From talking on the phone to eating, drivers permit their focus to be removed from the task at hand – staying safe behind the wheel. Distracted driving has been a source of concern for both lawmakers and law enforcement for years. Unfortunately, even with stiff penalties and universal awareness, the trend shows no signs of stopping.

What is animal assisted therapy?

Animal assisted therapy (AAT) is a form of rehabilitation for patients who have suffered a traumatic injury. There are many different forms of physical and mental therapies, such as the impact of music on cognitive abilities, or frequency of activity for muscle memory, that a patient may undergo. ATT is not like these types of therapies.

Instead, ATT works alongside other types of therapies instead of acting as a recovery measure on its own. It serves to calm patients who are coping with psychological trauma.

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